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30 Sep 2019 - Toronto, ON - Rebel

30 Sep 2019 - Toronto, ON - Rebel


thank you for a wonderful

thank you for a wonderful and most iconic night of my life, in which all the time before the concert i kept saying it is once in a lifetime opportunity, but after the concert ended i changed my mind, for in this day and age and the life everyone is going through you don't get to see that much of a great and awesome people specially people who live in fame and stay real and nice behind the camera because there are not much left in this world and as john is clearly fighting to make more people like this whether is in religion or in humanity but also making people one kind to another and i'll be happy to join you, from a young man living in the land of jesus to crossing 10k+/km to the other side of the world for a hope to fight for what i believe and keep what i love and would never ever think i'll get the chance to meet you guys i thank you and i love you and with a great will&God's will i will meet you down the road, because your music been such a huge part of my life journey and most importantly thanking you for letting me feel my true emotions because that is the main reason i listen to skillet you make me relise my emotion whether i am happy or sad or feel love or strength your music is always there for me and for that i am greatful for your existence in life

Thank you for an evening I'll

Thank you for an evening I'll never forget! Your concert was one of the best i've ever seen! your personal interaction and fan acknowledgement during the show was PHENOMENAL! I truly felt like it was personal and i was a close friend of the band. Thank you!!!! I can assure you, I will cherish my evening with skillet for the rest of my life!!!! Jen, John, Korry and Seth; it was an honour to meet you all!!!! I do hope someday our paths cross will cross again! Perhaps at some point in the future, you'll consider coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It's a very beautiful and friendly part of the country. I also hope you had a chance to enjoy the chocolates and view the story online. For me, this story really exemplifies what the power of love can do! When we love our neighbours, we get love in return! Because we showed love to this family, This family gave back, to canadians they do not know, on the other side of the country. Truly awesome and inspiring!!!! It's certainly a stark contrast to what i see happening, far too often, in other parts of this world!!!!

Again, Thank you!!!! May God continue to bless and shine his light on all of you!!!!