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24 Aug 2019 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Complex

24 Aug 2019 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Complex


Thank you so much John, Korey

Thank you so much John, Korey, Jen and Seth for being so incredibly awesome to Joseph. You guys made his first concert experience amazing! I can't wait for you to return to Salt Lake so we can see you again. John, thank you for keeping your word and giving Joseph a special shout-out before playing Whispers in the Dark. Had we not had seat belts for the ride home, he would have floated home. Of all the concerts I've been to over the years, which have been many, your show is hands down the most entertaining. Thank you again for showing love and compassion for a child with Asperger's. He will go the rest of his life remembering this and loving you for it, as will my wife and I. Next time you're here, little brother (who is on the Autistic side of the Spectrum) will have to EXPERIENCE his first concert with Skillet.

Incredible experience for my

Incredible experience for my son, Kyler, to meet all of the band members. Kyler has Cerbral Palsy and is crutch/wheelchair bound. Skillet is his absolutely favorite band so this was a one of a kind experience for this young man . Thank you!