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American Noise [Official Video]


Skillet Web Crew's picture
on July 19, 2013 - 12:31pm


peter'smom's picture

my son is 8. he's been crazy about "i feel like a monster" lately. i think he got it from a game or game-related video on youtube. he's been singing it day in and day out. so i had to check you out. i mean he is 8 ;) great stuff, guys! i am a fan. so happy my son has sophisticated taste. we'll go see you when you come to chicago!

Esaul 34's picture

very inspirng song love it


abbaliliyforeverz's picture

you guys always live up to my expectations. all of your song help me keep going and im not just saying that. you guys are amazing! keep up the great work and always remember that u helped save a 18 year old girls life when she was 15. u rock!

KodyRobinson's picture

This song is groovy, you guys should make a version of eh Canadian Noise.

swaggturtle's picture

another a great inspiring song

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