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Tiff's picture

I have always LOVED this pic! So good.

allytally's picture

omg i love this picture

jediruger's picture

I so wish Ben didnt quit, Seth is cool but Ben is just so epic!

beckybean22's picture

Everyone always comments on Jen and Korey is over looked. Let's face it. Korey is AWESOME! She rocks so hard you thing the building is going to come crashing down!

dylantylerboom's picture

Skillet Are Bloody Epic and I'm there No.1 Fan

Judy Huete♥'s picture

Awesome!!! :D

faithfear's picture

awesomest band ever! and the song The Last Night has helped me through so much!!! thanks guys! you make me who i am today :)

xSKILLETFANx's picture

lol i love jens expression... she looks serious

xSKILLETFANx's picture

they mean business in this pic lol i like it :)

Andrey Santos's picture

I love Jen Ledger, she's beautiful


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