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Appears on: Awake
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on October 10, 2011 - 6:27pm


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I rest each day in the unbelievable promise that my God will always forgive me, I just need to remember to bow my knee to Him, confess my sin and surrender to His will for life -- which no doubt is a struggle BUT I can trust that He will supply me the grace to do it when I ask humbly !!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER!

brandy.nicole's picture

I was never to fond of this song until For some reason this song kept playing on my then I actually listened to it and Im freakin happy I did I know Im forgiven and if feels awesome!!

skillet fan 1_2's picture

i love this song. we have been forgiven:) thank you Jesus

Manadel's picture

It really is a blessing that no matter what we do, God will always forgive us as long as we ask for it!

zway98's picture

cool. for those of you who are wondering why i just say cool... it is because i am limited and can only type 2000 characters, otherwise i would probably write a good 6000

cats46382's picture

I love this song!!!

RockStar54's picture

This song sounds great.

Jared_4's picture

TERRYCRUMB you couldnt have been more right

terrycrumb's picture

where all my wrongs have been erased

Jared_4's picture

if not for this song i might not be here right now

TheSinner's picture

this song describes so well it's scary.
if not for songs like this, I'd would be with the Lord by now. Through bands like Skillet, He has saved me.

damondradmacher's picture

also thanks skillet for being in my life if i didn't know you guys it would of been alot harder if i play the game suffering ties that bind without playing this song

damondradmacher's picture

i like when songs have a smooth sad beginning then goes to a guitar rock part

yewneek's picture

A heartfelt expression of God's mercy and love!!! We are so undeserving, yet He continues to pick us up when we fall!

phiblet's picture

nice i like it a lot