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"Lucy" - The Story Behind The Song

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  • "Lucy" - The Story Behind The Song
    Posted by Skillet Web Crew
    on March 07, 2011

    Air 1 Radio let John Cooper from Skillet explain the song "Lucy" (heads-up, abortion is discussed).

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on March 7, 2011 - 6:00pm

Air 1 Radio let John Cooper from Skillet explain the song "Lucy" (heads-up, abortion is discussed).


cxl140's picture

aww, video was removed by user :'( this song reminds of the girl i just broke up with. her name is Sara and her name fits perfectly in this song. This breaks me to pieces :(
chrisrust95's picture

Wow.. that is so sad. Teared up while listening to this. Whoever this couple is, you are in my prayers. I just lost my grandmother (I know it's not the same as an abortion), but I know what it's like to feel great loss. What keeps me going is I KNOW that I will see her in Heaven, "Where we never say goodbye." Anyways, you guys are in my prayers, and know that God's love is ALWAYS with you. God bless.
247SkilletFan88's picture

Wow. I was the FIRST to comment. Not that I'm rubbing it i anyone's face or anything. Anyways, I luv this song. Now that I know the story behind it, I think... it's much more sad, I guess.
SandiJ's picture

This song made me realize that while I was able to move past the abortion that I had in 1982 and have two beautiful boys that I am so grateful for, I never really grieved the loss of that first child. I know that God forgives me and I worked hard at forgiving myself, but when I heard this song on the radio I became aware of the grief that I have carried for many years. Thank you to John for broaching this very difficult subject by telling this story in a beautiful song. It will bring healing to many.
Misspepper's picture

I love this song, and it's made a while I want to know what is the story behind this song ... I speak French so I understood a few words, but I understood the important .... continue to send so beautiful message through your songs! Still sorry for my english, I do my best ;) God bless you
jama38's picture

I am a woman that in my teen years decided to have an abortion and it was the worst choice i ever made i thought i had healed from the pain and regret that i had carried for years but then me and my daughter were driving the other day when this song came on and i found myself crying uncontrollably because i know this pain all too well I thank GOD that you wrote this song and sang it so wonderfully i pray that someday God will use me to help other young girls that were put in the position i was because there is hope and a choice Thanks so much for touching my heart with this song GOD Bless you Love, Jama
SergeyIzhik's picture

Hello. Please write to me at the email history of this song in text form, as I do not speak english, I use a translator, and translate by ear is not very convenient. Thanks in advance. My mail -
Faith_2's picture

Thank you for sharing the story behind this song. Also, thank you for addressing this subject in your music. This will help many individuals on the road to healing from painful, past choices. Thanks again! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!
open_wounds101's picture

that song really reaches out to people and some can relate.Skillet is my favorite band ever!!!
JudHal's picture

I love this song! And finally I know what it is about ! ;) I love Skillet! =D Please come to Sweden !
jigsaw94's picture

like the song its a good song , continue making such awesome songs love you guys and i just started listening not to long ago
247SkilletFan88's picture

I love this song. It's so sad...
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