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  • Comatose
    October 03, 2006
Release date: 
October 3, 2006
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AustinEstep's picture

Best band ever yea

PokéCraft1342's picture

This album is AMAZING ! I added it all to my youtube playlist of music (160+ musics !) France is beghind you Skillet !

Alexandre@k3's picture

O melhor album de todos!!!

Skinnet's picture

Yes, you did a good job on the album ^^

CaraJskilletrules's picture

OMG I love this cd! whispers in the dark is the awesomest song evar! I already have awake and now i need the rest of these. Keep being incredibly completely indescribably awesome, skillet!

FelipeHenrique's picture

O melhor album s2.

MatthewRemington's picture

I sang the comatose song to a girl I liked she wanted to go out with me thank you

CintyaAraujo's picture


DukeFan95's picture

Yo it's "Falling INSIDE The Black" not Falling Into Black!!!!

Pandhead27's picture

yeah, went saw Lincoln it was very political and in the end sad :(