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  • Collide
    November 18, 2003
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November 18, 2003
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Cooper'sHawk10's picture

Skillet's heaviest album. This and Comatose were the two albums that got me into the band after seeing them in concert.

DukeFan95's picture

This is when Skillet became good. Before this album they kinda sucked other than like 4 or 5 songs!

skilletfreek's picture

My favorite album from them!

EmbreonDevilNight's picture

Why in my computer is whited "Track: 0"?
I love this album! pricipaly the songs "Savior" and "Collide"!

skilletfreek's picture

Same here...

BerkanDereli's picture

My love collide,comatose,hero,savior

Shiro Hana's picture

I love Comatose,Whispers in The Dark,and Falling Inside the Black.
For some odd reason I've got "Lucy" stuck in my head.

quikcore's picture


JoãoMarcosCostaOlartecehaFilho's picture

Adoro legal de mais eu piro

ncarr's picture

almost all the songs on this CD are super hardcore rock songs! Savior is my favorite!